Video Picks: Grace Wales Bonner

Creative Direction grad Bola introduces Grace Wales Bonner.

Bola takes us on a trip through Grace’s rich exhibition, as she explores the idea of wellbeing and the themes it encompasses.

Feature image: Laraaji, Transformation 2019, Grace Wales Bonner, A Time for New Dreams, Serpentine Galleries, 2019 Harry Richards Photography

This Video Pick explores the theme of ‘Wellbeing’ and the ways in which creatives can translate this rich theme into visual ideas. Stemming from concepts in her Serpentine exhibition ‘A Time for New Dreams’ Grace explores the different dimensions of her creative process – from research to objects – and the images and videos that have influenced her over the years.

Credit: Serpentine Galleries via YouTube.

Wellbeing is important to every individual, however it varies from person to person. How an individual may choose to look after themselves may not be beneficial for somebody else. Grace teaches this principle – to dream and live your authentic life – as well as to challenge what you may see as wellbeing and to question those ideologies and create your own definition of wellbeing. You may find that it changes from season to season or that you can teach others your way of living.

Wellbeing can be thought of as a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. Initially it may sound complicated to visually translate, however as we dive deeper into this personal yet widely known (and somewhat unspoken) theme you may start to recognise the importance of living a joyful and healthy lifestyle. Ben Okri’s collection of essays, also named ‘A Time for New Dreams’, was the central inspiration for the exhibition – it states propositions of how to dream and live. Not only are Okri’s poetic thoughts echoed within the exhibition but so are 10 other artists who explore themes of race, identity, culture, self and spirituality under the umbrella of wellbeing. Some of these artists include influential African American artist David Hammons, who explores the physicality of wellbeing through black hair and the symbolic representations of power within the afro.

Looking for more inspiration?

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