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This is our new digital face for UAL Insights, produced by the Outreach team at UAL. You might have already met us at one of our projects or events.

We’ve created this magazine because we’re passionate about inspiring you – the next generation of artists, designers and creatives – to make your mark on the world.

Dive in and explore articles that will lead you on a journey through the subject areas of art, design, media and communication, fashion and performing arts.

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Our articles are colour-coded by subject areas so you can find content relevant to you or explore new areas of interest. In today’s world, practising artists and designers don’t confine themselves to one discipline to create work or be inspired, so why should you?

– Browse Home for a variety of posts ranging from tips on making, developing and showcasing your work, to articles on artists and designers.

– Head Into Uni for straight talking stories and advice about creative education direct from our students.

– Drop by How To for articles and resources that will help you build creative your knowledge and skills.

Watch this space for future articles on preparing for uni, the realities of life after graduation and the variety of job roles out there in the creative industries.

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