Video Picks: Bringing pająki back

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Kirsty Gentle

Insights Editor

Artist and designer Karolina Merska is passionate about bringing Polish culture to your attention.


In this film she introduces you to Pająki – polish ‘chandeliers’. These traditional decorations are a dying craft back in her home country. Dating from the mid-eighteenth century, families would hang these ornaments from the middle of the ceiling at Christmas and Easter or for weddings and christenings.


The video shows you just what it takes to make these beautiful objects. It all makes sense when we found out that Karolina’s main business is jewellery design; a field where you’re often working at a small scale, on detailed designs, or using traditional craft methods to create inventive ideas.


Interested in jewellery or 3D design? Find out about some of the different approaches you can take.

BA (Hons)Jewellery Design

BA (Hons) Fashion Jewellery

BA (Hons) 3D Design


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