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Connect To: Amanda Achungo

In our the first of our ‘Connect to’ articles we introduce you to some of the founding members of collective, KNKTU.

Amanda Achungo

A woman stands in front of a graffiti mural
Credit: Amanda Achungo

Areas of interest/passion: I live for the arts, mainly the world of film both factual and fiction. Poetry is also a love of mine. I like art that talks about the world, and things we take for granted everyday. So I’d say mainly I’m a filmmaker, but also a load of other things when needs be.

Study: Set Design for Screen at UAL, previously Filmmaking at AUB.

Ultimate goals: At the minute I’m not sure but I know I want to tell stories that we should all be aware of, there’s so much going on that we don’t know about. It’s how I wish to tell these stories that I’m still trying to figure out. I don’t know whether to spend more time writing or more time designing or more time exploring documentaries.

KNKTU is: The name says it all really. It’s about connections and that’s what our industry is. Looking to new people all the time to collaborate. It’s a cute ‘lil family.

Inspiration: Nathan Crowley for sure, he is at the top of his game. That Nolan group is in a league of their own completely, everything they churn out is extraordinary, it’s everything I wish to be some day. Being able to tell the simplest of stories in such a complex way is what I’m trying to do.

Words by Charisse Chikwiri

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BA (Hons) Production Arts for Screen

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