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Connect To: Denieka Lafayette

In our the first of our ‘Connect to’ articles we introduce you to some of the founding members of collective, KNKTU.

Denieka Lafayette

Credit: Denieka Lafayette by Amalia Navarro

Areas of interest/passion: My areas of passion are mainly music and fashion. I feel like these two areas crossover into a lot of other things that I’m interested in too. For example, music is cultural; exploring other cultures as well as sharing my own is something that continues to interest me.

Study: Journalism at the University of The Arts London

Ultimate goals: My creative career goals are (a lot to be honest, but I’m young so don’t kill my dreams… just yet) to freelance for some of my favourite publications. I’d also love to have my own zine. Ultimately, I want to create a space where I can express all sides of myself and my loves in a way that benefits others and makes me money (I’d be lying if I said money wasn’t a factor, a girl’s gotta eat right?)

KNKTU is: a space where I can be myself, surrounded by other like-minded individuals doing the exact same. There’s no pressure to act or be perceived a certain way which can often be the case within the creative industry. I appreciate the unity of the collective. We can all use our skills to help one another.

Inspiration: There are many people, one of them being Loren. she’s just a real person doing real and fab stuff; she’s the reason for KNKTU and just all round superstar.

Words by Charisse Chikwiri


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BA (Hons) Journalism

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