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Connect To: Phalinda

In our the first of our ‘Connect to’ articles we introduce you to some of the founding members of collective, KNKTU.

Phalinda aka P Jaxn

Credit: Phalinda by Amalia Navarro

Areas of Interest/Passion: Songwriting, singing, DJing and discovering old music. I love having conversations with musicians and creatives, I enjoy discovering their talent and getting a better understanding of what they do with themselves.

Study: Journalism at the London College of Communication. 

Ultimate goals: I don’t want to limit myself at all. I’d want to be a song writer, a vocalist, a radio personality. To learn to produce one day, and to have my own platform one day (I’m not sure in what field yet) but I definitely want that. To be a mentor or to manage people in the industry some day. Lastly, to be a TV presentor and to work with the people that I’ve always admired.

KNKTU is: A space that provides creatives with a platform to express themselves and to promote what they do. What I love about KNKTU is that we give all people a chance. We’re friendly, we’re laid back and we all get along. It feels like a family! This is the perfect thing for people who don’t know how to put themselves out there. It’s a space where nobody judges you, because we’re all on the same journey.

Inspiration: Pharell, Solange, Julie Adenuga and Maya Jama.

Words by Charisse Chikwiri


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BA (Hons) Journalism

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