Video Picks: Craig Green on film

When Craig Green first when to art college he wanted to be a painter or a sculptor. His collections, like the work of a fine artist, are an ongoing body of work.


In December 2016, Craig was named 'British Menswear Designer of the Year' at the Fashion Awards in London. He’s a popular man in the industry and with fashion students. Many would say it’s due to the way he threads conceptual ideas about masculinity through his designs to create garments you could actually wear.

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Back in August 2016, Craig released the campaign to promote his Autumn/Winter 2016 collection with art direction by Ben Kelway and styling by Robbie Spencer. That season, Craig was exploring the re-occurring theme of protection – using blankets, crash mats and hazard suits as inspiration. The series of films that make up the campaign were filmed by drone – a first for a fashion campaign – the camera captures just one scene six different times to create a portrait of this collection.

As you watch the films you can draw your own conclusions about the story behind these moving paintings. Craig wanted the visuals to feel like something out of ‘National Geographic’ magazine. With the drone capturing the action you do feel like you’re zooming in on something new and undiscovered in a world that isn’t the ‘here and now’.
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