Video Picks: Dancing with penguins

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Kirsty Gentle

Insights Editor

Meet Daniel Rozin – the interactive digital artist. Hidden behind much of his artwork is a wealth of knowledge as a computer programmer and developer.


See more of Daniel Rozin’s work on Vimeo via the Bitforms Gallery

Daniel Rozin on Vimeo


His piece ‘Penguins, Mirror’ uses a bunch of tech, coding and 450 stuffed animals of the penguin variety to create a work of art for you to interact with.

Take the time to look at more of his work and it comes as no surprise to us that he started out as an industrial designer. He may be working as an artist, educator and developer now, but you can see that he’s still fascinated with the mechanics of objects and products. And he’s just as interested in how you, the audience, interact with the components of his artworks. He calls his artworks ‘mirrors’ because they reflect the way in which you interact with them back at you.

We’ve picked this piece as a lighthearted introduction to Daniel – who can turn a blind eye to a cuddly toy, hey? But there is so much more to his kinetic sculptures and installations which are mesmerizing simple, engaging and fun.

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