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Thai Mahendrakumar

Insights Student Editor

Fine art student Thai introduces us to the power of photography and picks out some of her favourite pieces from ‘Album: Where We Belong’.

Photographs can capture such intense, intimate, sensitive emotions in our lives. We all use photography as part of our ‘day-to-day’ to capture all kinds of moments.

The exhibition showcases how young people portray their identity, culture and heritage through photography. The work on show explores the theme of home and what home means to an individual. It demonstrates the vast knowledge of each individual’s cultural heritage.

Credit: Installation shot. Photograph Ming Lu.
Works from different mediums including Polaroids, film, photography and digital photography all feature in the exhibition.

I worked alongside these students in the summer as part of the Album Summer School at London College of Communication, and to see their progress in the last six months is just absolutely amazing. To see the work come to life in a gallery, moving from paper to walls was just a great experience.

Before and After: Natalie Davies

Credit: ‘Before and After’, one in a series of photographic prints by Natalie Davies.
Natalie’s piece was particularly interesting as she explores her heritage in her work and looks back to her great-grandfather then and now. She said, “My great-grandfather has always been keen to do research into our family history and his interest in this has always fascinated me; the concept of time being lost and found through contact with family relatives all over the world.” I think many of us can relate to being lost, and feel at home through people. She has demonstrated that in her work. We can say that we may be losing our heritage in some aspect. I think it is great that young students are interested in their heritage and where they come from.

Peckham: Edith Lees

Credit: Installation shot of ‘Peckham’, series of photographic prints by Edith Lees. Photograph, Ming Lu.
This piece explores how different cultures are united together as family, and the multi-cultured Peckham that Edith describes to be home to her. I worked with her during her shoot, and it is amazing to see her ideas come into action displaced in a gallery space. I see a bigger picture in her work, the work also shows political issues round the world and how many people are forced to move to create a new home.

Breaking Our Boundaries: Teresa Kit

Credit: ‘Breaking Our Boundaries’, one in a series of photographic prints by Teresa Kit.
“You only have your thoughts and dreams ahead of you.” Finally ending with Teresa’s piece; I am amazed by the process of this work, and the way in which these photographs are taken. The image above is one of a set of three photographs. Teresa explores how we should break our boundaries and explore new places, and this exploration makes her feel at home.

Working with these students was such a great experience, and to see how much they have developed their skills is just amazing. Speaking to many of the students they all said they have some clarity now in what they want their career to be; I am glad I had a chance to be a part of that.
This exhibition is a result of our collaborative project, ‘Album’ which gives students the chance to work with a team of artist and curators from Autograph ABP, and tutors and students from UAL. During the project they develop significant skills in making and talking about their photographic work in order to reach a point where they can showcase their final pieces to the general public.

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