Go See: Evolution 2018

Camille Fontaine

Insights Editor

The Lyric Hammersmith is bringing four days of ground-breaking performance with their ‘Evolution 2018’ Festival.

‘Evolution 2018’ is back for its third year showcasing artists aged 16 – 25, with performances for audiences of 14+ that are either free or cheaper than a cinema ticket!


Credit: Lyric Hammersmith.
Price: £8 (unless otherwise stated).


This year, the festival centres around the idea of ‘Self’ and explores individualism through topics and related themes that involve the discussion of identity, race, gender, health, stereotypes and culture.

One of the featured projects includes a collaborative performance with Wimbledon College of Arts called ‘Stains’; it presents untold stories of the constant struggles of dealing with micro-aggressions through the narrative of a man who is on trial for a crime of passion and self-preservation.

Through the performances delivered, the Evolution Festival provides a community for the audience and the artists involved alike; it creates a safe and creative space for artists to share their work, it represents the diverse and multi-cultural talent in London and allows artists to connect with a wider audience. So, what are you waiting for?


Tickets can be booked via 020 8741 6850 or the Lyric website

Price: £8 (unless otherwise stated). Discounts are also available on multiple performance bookings.


14 – 17 March 2018

Lyric Square,

King Street,

London, W6 0QL


Programme/ show guides for the festival can be found online:

Evolution 2018 or on the Young Lyric Facebook page

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