Go See: Super Sharp Fashion Space Gallery until 21 April 2018

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Kirsty Gentle

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Fashion Space Gallery’s latest show transports you back to the dancefloors of the nineties.

Featured image credit: Photograph, Mark Aleskey.
Listing image credit: Installation view, ‘Super Sharp’ exhibition. Photograph, Katy Davies.


Curated by Tony Turk and jointly conceived with Saul Milton (better known as Chase & Status) this show tells the story of how Italian designer brands like Versace, Moschino, Iceberg and D&G (Dolce & Gabbana) became a symbol for the Jungle and UK Garage music scene because of the way they were worn and styled by club-goers.

The worlds of fashion, music and design are infused with nineties references at the moment so the timing for this exhibition couldn’t be more on point. In their description of the show the gallery reminds us that this was a pre-internet culture in the making – the scene was heavily documented – but like all memories of the past a ‘blurry nostalgic image of the time has emerged’. So, in order to address this, along with Saul Milton’s archive of clothing from the era, the exhibition also gives a voice to the people who experienced the scene first hand.

Credit: Credit: Installation view, ‘Super Sharp’ exhibition. Photograph, Katy Davies. Plug in the music and submerge yourself in the repeat pattern and heavily branded garments of the time. Flick through magazines from the era.

Sound bites accompany the clothing and accessories on show. You’ll get the chance to read Saul Milton’s take on ‘Off-key Mosh’ and find out about MC Bushkin’s pride in wearing this look. MC Nyke spills the beans on his friend wearing his sister’s Versace jeans because of the cut and his mum (who was a tailor) tapering the bottom of his jeans so they would fit. Check out the show yourself for other contributions from Goldie, Fabio & Grooverider, Skibadee, Navigator and PJ & Smiley and Jumpin’ Jack Frost.

Tony Turk will be giving a tour of ‘Super Sharp’ on 19 April. Book your free ticket

Super Sharp
Until 21 April 2018

Fashion Space Gallery
London College of Fashion
20 John Princes Street

‘Super Sharp’ is part of a wider series of exhibitions called RTRN II JUNGLE conceived by Tony Turk

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