How To/ Showcase: Start a collective no.2

So far on Insights, we’ve introduced you to the concept of collectives. Third year Journalism student, and member of KNKTU, Charisse presents a behind-the-scenes look into what being a part of team really looks like.

KNKTU isn’t an acronym, but rather the framework of the words “Connect To.” We are a collective whose ethos is to create spaces and to produce creative content that brings people together.

We are gifted in a range of crafts; from journalism, to music production, to animation and set design. Like most post-millennials, our interests are eclectic and we believe in giving people the freedom to be themselves – whatever that looks like.

Through KNKTU, we’re all discovering what success means to us as individuals. Whether that’s by working towards establishing ourselves in industry, or by starting up our own initiatives.

As many men and women have said “your network is your net-worth.” Everything that we have managed to achieve has required team work, as well as understanding how to apply each of our strengths and when.

Credit: Photography by Amalia Navarro.
KNKTU was born in March 2017 from a new initiative run by the Widening Participation & Progression team that work within Careers & Employability at UAL. They encourage the collective to develop their own narratives, networks and projects in order to empower them to succeed in their creative, professional lives.

The project is led by creative consultant and London College of Communication (LCC) alumna Loren Platt, who shares with us her expertise and guidance. Loren is the co-founder of the FAM collective and the club night ‘Work It’ which will be celebrating its 10 birthday next year. A revolutionary woman, who works with the mind-set of giving us as young people, the tools and the space to define our futures for ourselves. This freedom of expression is what makes KNKTU so special.

The operational side of the project is supported by UAL. Since March we’ve put on two successful music events, under the name ‘GAMEOVER.’ The first being at Corsica Studios in May and the second being at Boiler Room’s HQ in August. Both events were consistent in providing a platform for new talent to perform and showcase. As well as making room for both those who like to dance the night away, and for those who would rather kick back and play video games.

We meet up every Thursday to hangout, catch up on the week and work on the plans for our next steps. There are 13 (and counting) of us so far, and we’re always open to new energies. To get to grips with who each of us really are, I’ll allow some of the team to introduce themselves…

Chidi Campbell

Credit: ‘Gameover on the roof’. Artwork by Chidi Campbell

Areas of interest/passion: Sound, lenses and tech. 

Study: Animation at Ravensbourne

Ultimate goals: To create a means where I can live comfortably with my cohorts and to inspire a future me.

KNKTU is:  A place for meeting people and making connections. Contact reach is extended because of the variety of spaces we come from.

Inspiration: Nujabes

Rex Ardeo

Credit: Rex Ardeo by Amalia Navarro. Rex Ardeo’s Soundcloud

Areas of interest/passion: Everything from music (creating music, influencing music, events etc.) the arts, sports (football, basketball ), the ecosystem, to economics and politics.

I have also co-founded a company called SaveYourself which is a multi-industry networking hub. Connecting with similar minds across different industries, has allowed us to create a network of skilled and unique individuals that see our process of action as powerful. Soon to open up a creative venue to demographics that need a place to go other than clubs and pubs during the week.

Ultimate goals: There is no ultimate goal for me, but one of my main goals is to continue inspiring younger generations, to appreciate their culture and what it means to be a unified community – separate from westernised standards of society.

Joe aka JoeJas

Credit: JoeJas by Amalia Navarro

Areas of interest/passion: Music, skating, making stuff and Fat Llama.

Ultimate goals: To be able to have my own network for Fat Llama where I produce cartoons, music events, music videos and clothes.

Inspirations: Pharrell, Tyler the Creator and Lil B.

Kel aka KDMC

Credit: Kel by by Amalia Navarro

Areas of interest/passion: My areas of interest span from growing my own collective NFLM: a self-sufficient platform for connecting a vast array of artists. But it’s really about an ideal community of like-minded people. Other than that I’m into money, ha! I do economics and study Forex trading in my spare time, so I try to understand the low-key ways money is controlled everywhere in the country. You can’t get it if you don’t know where to look! I honestly have too many interests, gaming, sports, anime all that good stuff…

Study: I went to University of Leicester for Economics and now I’m moving to Southbank to do the same course, to ensure I can still explore my other interests.

Ultimate goals: In terms of creative career goals it would be for NFLM to have an established collective and platform where we can help the culture (whatever it will be by then) progress in some way. To be financially independent and live healthy lifestyles, everybody gotta win.

KNKTU is: Exactly what it says in the name, an opportunity to connect to other people who welcome these interactions and bonds that we all have. A chance to combine ideas and come up with wavey vibes for the people. Being a part of it, I appreciate that it’s actually in some respects democratic, where everyone has a say, because at the end of the day the people know what the people want. It’s also just litty, it doesn’t feel like a job.

Inspiration: I look up to too many people to name them all! Childish Gambino, Jay-Z, Kanye, BBK, Tyler the creator, Pharrell etc. But I want to meet the people more behind the scenes, the people that put everything together. I would love to know more about them and even learn what they do.

Stay up to date on KNKTU’s events on Instagram: @knktu or YouTube: knktu

Find out more about Careers and Employability on their website and Instagram: @careers_employability

Find out more about the course Charisse is studying:

BA (Hons) Journalism

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