How To/Showcase: Start a collective no.1

In today’s world being an artist doesn’t have to be a solo experience.

Lots of us work together- collaborate- to make work or meet as a group of like-minded souls. It helps to have a network of people around you who you can talk about your ideas to.

Earlier this year co-created a project at Light Eye Mind gallery (L.E.M). Graduates of Central Saint Martins (including Insights grads) and Goldsmiths set up the gallery. They were friends who got together to make an art space.

BA (Hons) Fine Art students and Insights Fine Art students came together for two sessions to try to answer the question ‘what does learning mean to you?’ They organised various activities to help them understand their own approaches to making art as well as each other’s art-making experiences.

For one piece of participatory and I suppose you could say performative work each person brought in a vegetable and a big soup was made that we all ate together during the session. We all had to eat it with either a toothpick or a straw, under the direction of one of the artists.

After the sessions came to a close, the artists from different year groups and colleges created an Instagram page that each of them had the login details for. They can each add photos of work they’re making, or exhibitions they see, or anything they find interesting and the whole group will see it.


This is a video of the young artists giving each other very lively tutorials.


Collectives are great way of sharing skills and learning. They also mean that those big ideas are easier to achieve with a willing and supportive collaborative. Jump over to Shepherd’s post to find out more about Light Eye Mind and other collectives to look out.

Ruby collaborated with Sarah Cole, Tom Spicer and Daniel J Norie to make this project (Pedagogy As Artistic Practice) happen. It was created to help our fantastic Insights students prepare for studying a fine art degree.


Follow our newest collective on Instagram: @weasagroup

Find out more about the course they will be starting in October:
BA (Hons) Fine Art

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