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How To/Keywords: Defining creative confidence

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Omar Hernandez del Canto

Insights Tutor

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Omar’s back with some more wise words to fuel your creative mindset.

This time he’s talking about creative confidence. Now a graduate and part of the teaching team on Insights, he reflects on how he sometimes finds it difficult to complete work due to trust and belief in himself – creative confidence.

“I go through this struggle all the time- this confidence struggle……The greatest artists in the world also battle with this.”

“I have to understand that sometimes I have to disregard my own emotional outlook on my work and actually recognise the factual- what I’ve been told, what I know- my goals, accomplishments and positive feedback.”

Creative confidence and self-efficacy

Omar explains how confidence connected to the concept of self-efficacy:

“Self-efficacy is how you perceive your abilities to accomplish a particular task. Your own perception, no one else’s.”

During this ‘How to’ ‘podcast’ Omar will introduce you to 2 main ways to improve your self-efficacy in order to define and refine your own creative confidence:

• No.1: Look back at your accomplishments
• No.2: Analyse positive feedback

And through the conversation you’ll hear from Omar about his own experiences and examples how to identify and use these approaches to your advantage.

Credit: Podcast, Omar Hernandez del Canto.

Use the time stamps in the YouTube description to guide you through key points in the conversation. Listen separately or alongside Omar’s time-lapse illustration below.

Credit: Time-lapse of ‘Crab Samurai’ illustrative piece, Omar Hernandez del Canto. Mute the music on this video if you’d like to listen together with Omar’s podcast.

“An example of my accomplishments is to create a time-lapse illustration that goes with this talk. Creating an illustration without stopping has been a goal of mine because I have a lot of unfinished work, it’s a bad habit! So…I set myself a goal to create a time-lapse video of me illustrating one of the ideas that I have in my head.”

Enjoy listening and watching and we’ll leave you with Omar’s top tips for changing your creative mindset:

“List down accomplishments and positive feedback, it will change the outlook on your work you’ll start managing your self-efficacy much better and in turn it will bring your confidence levels up… (Then) Write beside your accomplishments and positive feedback and why are you doing this? (What’s your interests creatively).”

Interested in Illustration?

Find out more about the course Omar studied:
BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media

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