How To/ Find: Be a practical hoarder

Don’t let things go to waste- you never know when they might be useful. Learn how to think like a product designer with some top tips from tutor, jw.


Credit: Video filmed and edited by jw.


Being a product designer is all about problem solving. Regardless of the brief it’s essential that you’re always questioning, investigating and exploring objects and materials that are already in existence.

As jw has demonstrated, looking closer at or taking apart products can teach you about how things are engineered or constructed. The resulting parts could just help to inspire you to make something that improves on the original design or give you an idea for a completely different product.

And don’t overlook the everyday items that you would usually recycle or throw away. Regular or un-usual packaging can be a lifesaver for 3D model making when you’re short of money or time to experiment with your ideas.


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