Video Picks: Inside Dominic’s world

What’s one of the most important characteristics a designer can have?


To be endlessly curious.

Well, there’s no sign of this fading with Yorkshire-born designer and artist Dominic Wilcox.


'The Reinvention of Normal', made by filmmaker Liam Saint-Pierre features Dominic’s trademark drawings and illustrations. It's an honest and humorously filmed insight into what it takes to develop new ideas.

Check out Dominic Wilcox’s world or see more of his inventions on Vimeo

Explore Dominic’s ‘Speed Creating’ project.


When Dominic hit a brick wall in creativity, he decided to post an idea a day for 30 days on his blog and called it ‘Speed Creating’. He devised simple, fun and seemingly throw-away ideas. But as he says, “Having a playful approach helps me be creative… just doing things even though they’re completely ridiculous sometimes…. something else might come of it.”

And whilst he’s been having fun chasing ideas, some serious big-time organisations have commissioned his work including; Selfridges, Paul Smith, The Victoria & Albert Museum, BMW Mini and Jaffa Cakes.

So, take a moment to enjoy this film – there’s no sitting on the fence with Dominic’s illustrations; we can guarantee that his designs will make you laugh, cry or just ask ‘why?!’
We think Dominic’s work is more than a little inspired by eccentric artist and illustrator William Heath Robinson. Check out Heath Robinson’s drawings on Pinterest


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