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Insights Introduces: Marielle

Do you have an eye for business and an unstoppable desire to create things, no matter what area of art and design?  

In this episode of Insights Introduces, we meet Design Management and Cultures student Marielle to find out more about the issues she tackles in her work. We also find out how she’s turned each opportunity into an enterprise to support her future and get some top tips on things like personal statements.


Credit: Kalina Pulit for Insights.
“Knowledge is key and I want to sharpen the skills I already have. You get to work together with companies on the course and learn how to manage a design idea together, collaboration is really important.”


Marielle talks about how she turned a school project into a small business selling candles; taught herself make-up techniques via YouTube in order to launch herself as a make-up artist and in her spare time is part of an art collective. We think that it’s this energy and enthusiasm that got her a place on the Design Management and Cultures course.

Making business and design ideas happen in today’s world is all about learning from one another, appreciating how different cultures operate. There’s lots of social and economic challenges, big and small, that businesses have a responsibility to tackle these days. We’re looking forward to seeing what issues Marielle takes on next.


Follow Mata Labs, Marielle’s make-up enterprise on Instagram. Also, look out for Marielle’s ‘Strange Fruit’ work which features in ‘Brit(ish): On Race, Identity and Belongin’, a new book by Afua Hirsch. Available online and in all good book stores!


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Find out more about the course Marielle is studying:

BA (Hons) Design Management

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