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Insights Introduces: Tanikha (Renzo)

So how do you combine an interest in fine art, film and designing spaces? For Renzo, meeting other students that studied theatre design gave her the answer she needed. 

In this episode of Insights Introduces, we caught up with Theatre Design student Renzo to find out more about how she turned her ideas into final maquettes (3D models). She also gives some top tips on how she edited her portfolio and prepared interviews for her undergraduate degree (level 4) course.

Credit: Kalina Pulit for Insights.
“Theatre design was exactly what I wanted to do but I didn’t know there was a course. At first people were like do spatial, interior design or architecture, and I was like I want to do it for movies and theatres.”

Theatre Design isn’t generally a course that you get to study at school or college. Looking at some of Renzo’s projects, you can see that she’s interested in expressing her ideas and concepts in 3D. This is what led her to explore different options. Although initially nothing felt quite right to her, she met students and tutors from the theatre design course who introduced her to the possibilities of set, costume, production design and more.

Over the summer, Renzo also took part in our immersive theatre performance of Macbeth to get experience of working with actors and other designers as a performance company. Together, they put on their own version of Shakespeare’s famous ‘Scottish Play’ complete with neon wigs, dancing christmas trees and a fair share of blood and gore prosthetics.

Explore Renzo ‘s pre-university projects on Tumblr:

Innocence is Gone

Renzo’s reflective journal

Find out more about the course Renzo is studying:

BA (Hons) Theatre Design

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