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Meet: Damion Robinson

Damion’s time on his degree and his year out on work placements has helped to define his strengths as a graphic designer.

When he was younger he was interested in all things architecture. This still echoes through his work today.


About Me

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in Jamaica and well, it’s pretty hard to give a definite description of where I grew up. My family and I lived in Antigua for a period of time; by family, I mean my mother and brother. We kept moving across the Caribbean Sea like there was no tomorrow, travelled back and forth between islands.

For the ‘Hubble 25th anniversary exhibition’ brief Damion used digital design to create interactive environments for the audience to play with. They are pictured here in the booklet he designed for the show.
Did you know from the start what type of artist/ designer you wanted to be?

In middle school, art had a big impact on my life, especially art that posses the power to change people. Whether that change happens in the physical, mental or spiritual realm. During that period, I was a drawing fanatic; I took inspiration from any and all things that caught my eye. I was also fascinated by architectural design.

At this point I lived in London. I didn’t know the type of designer or artist I wanted to be – after secondary school, I enrolled in a BTEC Art and Design course at St. Francis Xavier Sixth (SFX) Form College and went on to study Graphic and Media Design at uni.


My Work

What do you think makes you a good designer?

I believe you’ve got to understand the problem that’s in front of you, define the issue, and within that definition you’re mostly likely to come across the answer or a series of answers to that problem.

Then collaboration- find people that can help/boost your project and ideas. So, to me, a good designer has got be able to understand the issues that they face, break it down in small pieces, generate ideas, test those ideas and then collaborate and publish those ideas.

‘The Future’- Damion designed this logotype for an international event about climate change. It was just one element of a full set of identity and information design ideas he produced for the project.
What’s next?

Editorial design and branding has taken a dominant role in my life, I believe these are the areas to explore next. These two areas have certain power that no other fields have.


“I love how these areas within design play their part within an environment; to support or persuade the audience into action.”


Since my year out I learnt many things, one of which is that I should try and restrain myself from trying to learn everything there is about a subject. Instead, learn the basics, the working principles surrounding that subject and move on to the next. It taught me a lot in terms of how I approach a client. I understand the process of design a lot better now. When I approach my work, I try to have a bit of empathy towards my audience – I put myself in their shoes.

The ‘Hubble Space Telescope 25th Anniversary’ project – typeface and poster design.

To be sustainable through design is one of the upmost things I love about the creative industries.

We all know that we need to protect the environment, one way or the other. Whether that’s cycling, walking instead of taking the bus, switching off un-used and un-wanted electronics. I believe we know these at heart. From observation we refuse to do these things; I do believe this is because with life in everyday context, people are busy trying to solve their problem that’s in front of them.

Theoretically, after graduation my plan is to work or freelance for studios and clients that follow some of these ideas, but mostly, to save up for my MA (postgraduate degree).

Read about Damion winning the ‘Peter Cannings Prize for Innovation in Digital Media in Graphic Design’


Find out more about the course that Damion studied:

BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design


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