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Meet: Danika Lawrence

Danika Lawrence

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

Danika recently wrapped on a behind the scenes shoot for Nike.

Pretty impressive considering she’s just started the second year of her fashion photography degree! She talks to us about her experience so far.


About Me

Tell us about yourself

My name is Danika, I am 21 and from North London. I became interested in photography a few years ago when I chose photography as one of my A-Levels.

Image from the ‘Girls Don’t Cry’ photo series, a project centring around the theme of love & heartbreak.

I always had a camera with me when I was out with friends and at parties. Then I found a muse, who catapulted my interest and who inspired me to do more, perhaps because I was able to capture his beauty so well. When I started getting positive and supportive comments about my work, that too inspired me to develop my art. I particularly love using my film camera, and I’m starting to build up a cool collection of vintage film cameras.

“I love capturing people and their vibes.”

I really like being involved in the creative process of my pictures, I style my models, scout locations and like to freestyle how we then shoot the images – there isn’t always a set structure, but that is deliberate and why I think I get quite natural and un-staged shots.


My Work

Did you know right away what type of artist/ designer you wanted to be?

I found out I wanted to do photography as a career whilst studying my Foundation in Art and Design.

Whilst studying photography during my A-Levels, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it as a degree, so my time at on the Foundation really helped me to decide the pathway I wanted to take in the industry. I also studied textiles at GCSE and A-Levels, but realised it wasn’t for me during A-Levels; photography came more naturally to me and was much more enjoyable.

Capturing the moment – Danika’s behind the scenes shot of the Nike Women ‘Beautiful x Power’ campaign.
What work are you most proud of?

Without a doubt it is the recent opportunity I had to work behind the scenes on a campaign with Nike, and having my work featured on the cover of ‘Pigeons and Peacocks’ (issue 9) magazine.


Insider Knowledge

What’s the biggest truth or myth about studying fashion photography?

The biggest myth I’ve heard about studying in university, is that your tutors don’t have a lot of time for you and are not very helpful. I can categorically say that whenever I need help or guidance, my tutors are always there to listen and to help me.

At my university, we are taught to be a lot more independent, but it definitely does not mean you are on your own.

Any advice?

Make sure you chose the right course for you. University is a big investment, so don’t rush if you’re not ready or unsure. Invest in yourself, not just with money but also time. You need to practice your craft regularly if you really want to progress.

Finally, it’s very cliché – but love what you do!

“Don’t waste time doing something that doesn’t make you happy or that you don’t enjoy learning about.”

Capturing the moment – Danika’s behind the scenes shot of the Nike Women ‘Beautiful x Power’ campaign.
What’s next?

I’d like to see more of my work in print. I also want to travel more, I’ve been to a few European destinations this summer and it was great, but there are so many amazing places in the world that I would love to visit and capture people in. In the meantime, I’m just going to carry on working hard, developing my craft and producing work that I am proud of.

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Fashion: BA (Hons) Photography

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