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Meet: Favour Jonathan

Favour Jonathan

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Favour is an artist who is putting herself in the frame.

Inspired by her journey as an artist and an individual, Favour talks to us about going with the flow to help put her projects into perspective.


About Me

Tell us about yourself.

I am from Benin City, Edo State, living in south east London.

I’ll describe myself as an explorer in arts, I’m on a journey to learn as many ways of creating work that I possibly can. My work usually explores myself, my mental state and my identity.

An image from Favour’s upcoming ‘I’ve Lost My Mother Tongue’ project.

My Work

Did you already know what type of artist you wanted to be?

I have never thought of the type of artist I want to be, I don’t really want to. I don’t see myself as a painter or sculptor, I just see myself as being creative; my art takes me in all directions and I’ll see where my work takes me. I don’t use a fixed medium in my work so I’ve no idea what type of artist I want to become. I genuinely just like going with the flow.

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far?

The best thing I’ve done so far, is learn how to use the metal workshop. I’ve been creating so many structures and sculptures and this skill has helped me create props for my upcoming show.

One of a few sculptures made from Favour’s acquired metalwork skills.
What do you think makes you a good artist?

What I think makes me a good artist, is the fact that I’m willing to learn new things and accept constructive criticism. I also apply it where it’s needed in my work.

What work are you most proud of?

I am working on creating my first ever solo show titled, ‘I’ve Lost My Mother Tongue.’ It is going to have a series of images of African boys/girls dressed in traditional garment in their houses around London. These will be with some paintings that I’ve done in relation to me and my loss of my mother tongue. Right now, I’m obsessing over my culture, my mother land, my royalty and the amazing talents my people hold.

The most enjoyable part is crossing ‘solo show’ off of my bucket list and taking that next step in being an artist.

A section from Favour’s ‘Iye Edo’ Part II.
What have you achieved from studying Fine Art so far?

I’ve met amazing creative people. Without studying Art, I wouldn’t have met these people and expanded my network to those who are interested in the same things as me and who have shown support during exhibitions and events. I’ve also learnt the ability to survive on low cash. During the three/four years of studying, you’ll learn so many survival skills.

What’s next?

I see myself doing exactly what I love in the future, forever aiming higher and not settling for just ‘good enough’.


Find out more about the course Favour is studying:

BA (Hons) Fine Art


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