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Meet: Sabreen Abdulrahman

Designing community spaces in the city and creating new art gallery experiences has kept Sabreen busy recently.

She talked to us about the world of interior and spatial design ahead of her final degree show.


About Me

Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in Central London but I am originally from East Africa. I‘ve always been interested in Art and Design and I loved making things out of found materials when I was younger. I liked getting involved in creative workshops and drawing classes during school holidays. At the time I was really interested in studying a degree in Interior Design, so I progressed onto a full time BTEC Diploma in Art and Design. In the second year I was able to make work related to Interior Design.

Seating models for Sabreen’s final year project: ‘The Gallery Experience: re-negotiating the relationship between audience, artwork and space’.

My Work

How would you describe your work?

Although I prefer making sketch models I also like to produce graphic communications of my visual ideas by using Adobe Photoshop and use detailed technical drawings to scale to show how a space is constructed. I like to think about how the design element will come together towards the end of a project as design can have a huge impact on people’s lives.

What have you got out of studying Interior and Spatial Design?

I’ve learnt a lot about myself as a design student. I’ve developed useful life skills, such as undertaking thorough research and constantly discussing my work. I have learnt how to use different computer software to present my work, which I thought I would never be able to do.

The opportunity to bridge onto the third year of the BA Interior and Spatial Design course from the two year FdA Interior Design was great – I could apply the skills I learnt from the past two years and use this knowledge in one more year of studies on the BA. I have been able to work independently as well as part of a team and also learning from my friends on the course, which has been greatly beneficial. Since studying at university I have met talented people from all around the world who have similar interests to me!

‘The Historical Boatyard’ project with The Decorators focused on bringing to life one or more landmarks along the canal in Brentford. The aim was to strengthen the network of walking, cycling and trading links between Brentford High Street and The Great West Road.
What’s the best thing you’ve done so far?

The best thing I’ve done was collaborating with The Decorators on a four month project in the second year of the FdA Interior Design course. I really enjoyed the research process and working together as a team.

Collecting information on the site of Brentford was useful in developing a strong design. The idea was to create a connection between Kew Gardens and Brentford, as Kew Gardens is one of London’s most visited attractions and also happens to be located 15 minutes away from Brentford. As a team we created a new design solution for the existing Historical Boatyard Shed in Brentford.

Photoshop visualisations for the ‘Gallery Experience’ project.
What’s next?

In the past year, I’ve been interested in curation and exhibition design and my portfolio of work in the third year relates to this area. I believe internship opportunities in London galleries would be a great start for my career and I could also to gain an insight into the work it takes to set up exhibitions.

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Find out more about the courses Sabreen studied:

BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design

FdA Interior Design

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