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Meet: Saul Nash

Dancing and movement is the thread between Saul’s work and study in performance and fashion.

We spoke to him in the summer before he started his MA in Fashion Menswear, a postgraduate degree.

About Me

Tell us about yourself.

I am from London, born in Hackney. I have always been creative – this is something I came to realise at an early stage.

I started by making music with my brother. I always danced but took it more seriously throughout my teenage years, School was a constant fight between my dance tutor wanting me to attend her summer school but my fine art tutor arguing for me to attend hers.

Credit: Video of Saul’s ‘Unit’ project. He took a model wearing his collection to his MA course interview to show how important movement was to the design of the garments.

My Work

How would you describe yourself and your work?

I am an extremely inquisitive person, I am always intrigued by the what if’s? – I think my work is a reflection of my curiosity with art and my need to tell a story.

“Society is always at the core of my work.”

In his final year Saul secured a one month residency in Detroit. He collaborated with a film maker to make a documentary style film called, ‘Are You Comfortable in Your Skin?’ You can see him performing in the piece in the image, wearing a super-sized shirt that he made for the piece. He also created an exhibition and was invited to talk as a visiting artist about the project and his time in Detroit.
What inspired you to study performance design?

I wanted to explore my practice within an art school as opposed to a performing arts school where the focus is so much on one particular aspect of performance. I was always pushed by my choreographer to push the boundaries and I saw an opportunity for this within the course.

Tell us what you’re working on right now.

I am currently in the initial stages of working on a project for an outdoor festival which will uses velcro as a basis to explore opposition and attraction.

During the end of my degree, I begun to navigate more towards exploring clothing as a medium within performance, I will begin a masters in Fashion Menswear in September.

Saul was invited to create an immersive installation for the 10th anniversary of the Hospital Club in Covent Garden. This was a group project with other students from his Performance Design and Practice course. The theme was World War I and you can see here he worked with the idea of camouflage. Saul used digital print to create a seamless pattern across the space and the performers’ garments.
Any advice?

“Stay open and humble yourself enough to work with others, because they can really teach you something about yourself that you didn’t know.”

Find out more about the course Saul studied:

(BA) Hons Performance Design and Practice

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