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Meet: Taymah Anderson

Taymah Anderson

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design

Taymah’s work is powerful and on message.

We talked to him at the end of his Graphic Design degree to find how he uses creativity to make his mark.


About Me

Tell us about yourself.

I’m from London, raised in a north west part called Harlesden. I’m still here today. 
I decided to take my creativity into a serious practice, realising most other avenues in school could bore me intensely. The art studio was where I found myself most engaged and happy.

Taymah weaves stories together for ‘The Self’ – an ink and wash drawing created for his third year project.
What did you enjoy/ were you good at school?

Drawing has been my bedrock. Questioning and learning from things and people around me was my habit. I had a goal and found them each time, adjusting and holding on to what I could do – what fitted my aims and kept my heart racing.

Some parts of the curriculum were enjoyable, large points were terribly frustrating.


My Work

How would you describe your work?

London amazes me at times. Our communities hold all types of person; people can live parallel to one another, but walk completely different lives. My work is autobiographical and political – I draw from my experiences and encounters with other people.

“I acknowledge the world as it is and have a strong view on how the world can be.”

More recently, when working with an illustration piece, I’ve started with a sentence that encapsulated the general message of the piece. I may have some have references to go by also – both, written and pictorial. I attack the page from there on.

What do you think makes you a good designer?

What I think keeps me sharp is frequently giving myself a reason to be creative. Being empathetic/aware about how an audience will receive your work.

What I’ve learned from my work so far is that I can do more, both quicker and effectively working with people who share similar core believes about the subject or brief.


“We don’t have to rely on major corporations to bring the future forward. We have the tools at our fingers; the future is what we collectively make it.”

T-shirts created as part of the ‘Truth’ project.
Tell us about what you’re working on right now.

Right now, I’ve completed a three-piece answer to the idea of ‘Truth’. The first, an ink and wash drawing communicating ‘The Self’, spoken from the individual’s unique point of view.

The second response was a work of metal and vinyl; formed together to read a sentence reading ‘The Truth won’t sell itself’. Directed at how the people handle and distribute information on a commercial scale i.e. BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Google, BT and so on.

The third, apparel with a sporting message of the other works; ‘Speak Your Truth’. Empowering the individual to take ownership of spreading and sharing their personal views and the reality of their surroundings.

What’s the best thing you’ve done so far?

Being a part of a two-week design collective, incubated by Fred Deakin (a Central Saint Martins professor) and Mother (a London based advertising firm). This was the first time I had seen and experienced the raw potential of designers of many disciplines working together on something we all believed in.

We made a product launch for a desktop/mobile app that take Londoners to green spaces.

Visuals for ‘Greenr’, the app Taymah created by working together with other designers on a one week intensive project.
What’s next?

What’s in the pipeline is finding an major agent to work with as an illustrator and pursing a career as an exhibiting graphic artist.

Follow Taymah’s work on Instagram: @saidtaymah


Find out more about the course Taymah studied:

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication Design

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