Video Picks: Method Studios

Here’s a great example of how different subject areas collide in creative projects.


Method Studios is an international visual effects company. Their work spans across feature films, commercials, television, games and motion graphics.

The video for Major Lazer’s ‘Light it Up’ shows off some of their best skills, using motion capture, animation and dynamic simulations of actual performers to create the dancing visuals.


Two professional dancers were invited in to play around with some dance moves for the motion capture stage of the project. Their movements were mapped in two, three-minute bursts of dancing which would give the Method Studios team character geometry to build their dancers in the animation and simulation stages.


There are 45 characters in the video, all of which needed to be distinct from each other. This involved pain-staking work to ‘paint’ feathers on and shape marshmallows into dancing form. It took a team of three two months to bring the final film together.


We think some of the visuals take inspiration from performance artist Nick Cave. Check out his ‘Sound Suits’ projects on his website and see what you think.