Video Picks: Print, paint, swim with Katie Greenyer

So how do designers go about creating surface design ideas for fabrics and materials?


We’re not sure this is something that occurs in design studios across the land, but Katie Greenyer from Pentland Designs gave students from the National Arts and Design Saturday Club a unique insight into how you can turn abstract paintings into designs for swimwear.

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If you take away the paper suits and working to the scale of a small room, the video demonstrates that many textile designers start to work by drawing and making marks. Whether that’s paint, pencils, your computer – which ever tool you prefer – you then have the beginnings of a surface design that you can shape into a pattern or motif.

The National Art & Design Saturday Club gives young people aged 14-16 the chance to explore art and design every Saturday morning at their local college or university. During the spring term, each club gets to work with a leading professional designer, artist or architect in a masterclass, either at the college or university, or as a visit to the professionals’ studio. For many Club members, this will be the first time they have met someone working in the creative industries. It’s a great opportunity to find out more about career options post-study and the range of jobs available in the sector.


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