Video Picks: Riding high- Nairobi’s Matatus

In Nairobi the matatu is king. After gaining its independence from British rule in the early ’60s, the African city became somewhere that people wanted to live and work.


And at that moment the matatu – the Nairobi bus – was born, and with it a whole new subculture for the city. So, a matatu is no ordinary bus. Each vehicle has its own character thanks to the designers and mechanics who work on the transformations. The drivers are competing to create the best ride in town and the best experience of travelling by matatu through the city’s infamous traffic jams.

Read Matatuism: Stylising A Rebel in Huck Magazine


Whatever you think of the designs, you can’t argue with the energy and spirit of the matutu. ‘Matatuism: Stylising A Rebel’ formed part of designer and film-maker Od Mo’s final show for his degree in graphic design, “I wanted to show and tell a different story of Africa,” he explains in the feature for Huck Magazine. “An Africa of creative, ‘cool’ and enterprising young people who live by an ethos of doing things their way and operating by their own rules.”


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