Themes/Trends: Collectives – Artists who work together

Making art can be fun. It’s even better if you’re creating with other people.

The idea of working together is kind of zeigiest right now, meaning it’s typical of the way in which many creatives choose make work at the moment.

A collective is a group of artists working together to curate shows and show work. It is often formed from common interest but can also be purely a professional relationship in order to show work.

Being part of a collective is a good way of getting yourself noticed, after all there’s strength in numbers and you can also learn new skills by working with others.


Get involved: Youth Collectives in London

Both image above and feature image: ‘Youth Collective Curates’ Exhibition Launch, Camden Arts Centre, 2017. Photograph: Hydar Dewachi.
Most galleries in London run young people’s programmes (youth collectives) aimed at ages 15 to 25 for those are interested in the arts. This is a good opportunity to get an insight into the art industry as well as showing your work in an established Gallery. Imagine having your work as part of a show at Camden Arts Centre or the Whitechapel Gallery! It’s also an opportunity to make work with visiting artists and meet other like-minded young people. Check out our selection- all these programmes are free and run throughout the year. They meet regularly but you are not expected to attend every session.


Look out for: Light Eye Mind

Light Eye Mind is a north London artist-run organisation, made up of artists from Central Saint Martins and Goldsmith University. Their aim is to support emerging and underrepresented artists whose work shares a message for the present and a vision for the future. So far they have presented works by past CSM students including John Costi and Alice Woods. As well as holding exhibitions and public events they also run a yearly Graduate Award, which is offered to recent graduates, giving them an opportunity to show at LEM. Light Eye Mind also regularly collaborates with Insights students and the BA (Hons) Fine Art course at CSM. Light Eye Mind Gallery website

Look out for: Network 11

Network 11 is a peer group of 11 artists, each grappling with contemporary art practice in an exciting array of forms including performance, sound performance and imagery. The collective was formed in December 2014 as a response to providing and connecting artists of colour in the UK. Their aim is to build on the legacies set by black artists of the ‘80’s and ‘90’s, for example the BLK Art Group and the Black Audio Film Collective. The Network has exhibited individually and collectively in the UK and world wide at Tate, Spike Island, Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Iniva, and Venice Biennale, Camden Arts Centre, Cubitt and Logan Arts Centre. Network 11 website

Look out for: FAM

FAM is a collective of creatives who work across different mediums ranging from music, radio, poetry, fashion, design and performance. They work collaboratively in hosting and supporting each other across London and have links to popular platforms such as BBC Radio, A&E (Adam and Eve), NTS Radio ,WORK IT and online music platform Boiler Room to name a few. They are a good example of how people from different backgrounds can work together. Co-founder Loren Platt is currently mentoring KNKTU, a collective made up of students across London and originating at UAL.

See below for youth collectives you can join:

Camden Arts Centre – Youth Collective
Tate – Tate Collective, London, Liverpool, St Ives, Circuit
Whitechapel Gallery – Youth Forum: Duchamp & Sons
South London Gallery – The Art Assassins


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