Video Picks: Air Max ’17- ManvsMachine

This 2017 Nike campaign handled by design and motion graphics agency ManvsMachine (MVSM) is revolutionary.

It cleverly captures the essence of this well-known, established brand through an innovative and evocative approach. The film you see here and other elements of the campaign were created using a range of both traditional and digital media; art and design techniques, computer generated images (CGI) and animation.

This Nike Air Max cinematic piece feels like a celebration of the brand in its glory, visually encompassing Nike’s mission statement, ‘To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.’ Since the beginning, Nike’s brand values have been shared predominately word of mouth, with mission statements adapted for each product launch and area of sports specialism.


Credit: Title – Air Max ‘17. Concept, Design & Direction: ManvsMachine. Client: Nike Europe. Audio: Zelig. Within this 30 second targeted campaign MVSM have managed to capture the array of qualities which the brand has been long been renowned for, sustaining their success as one of the remaining global leaders of sportswear.

MVSM’s forward-thinking approach led to the agency achieving a Gold Design Lion award at the Cannes Lions 2017. The narrative – based on one of Nike’s long-standing products – the Air Max trainer, captures each element of the shoe. The campaign uses a palette of pastel shades and layers to depict the quality of fabrics. It highlights the key factors of the Air Max brand; soft, light weight, cushioned, and breathable.

The film is complimented by appropriate and subtle sounds, which was produced by Zelig Sound and was ‘inspired by the noises encountered on a daily run.’
The film was just one element of MVSM’s campaign. Take a look at the project page on MVSM’s website to see how they imagined rolling out the campaign into retail design and packaging, social media, outdoor and advertising. Scroll down and you’ll see experimental development work exploring use of materials, shape and form and colour palettes to represent the product.
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