Video Picks: bell hooks and Laverne Cox talk Feminism

Ruby Cedar

Insights Tutor

Meet bell hooks. She talks some sense- you should check her out.

Bell is an American social activist, feminist and author. By simply searching her name on YouTube you can listen to her debate with people on countless fascinating topics and this is a great way to enter the world of theory.


Video: courtesy of The New School. This video is a clip from a conversation between bell and Laverne Cox from TV show 'Orange is the New Black'. They talk about the issue of Feminism. Keep watching and you can skip over to the full version on YouTube.

This programme of lectures was sponsored by Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts


Researching, reading, writing and listening is a really important part of developing your artistic practice. And finding alternative ways of reading, like watching videos of lectures online or conversations between theorists can be a welcomed break to reading books and papers online.

You can also find a TV adaption of the John Berger book ‘The Ways of Seeing’ on Youtube. This book is one of the fundamental texts for doing an art degree and gets you to really think about how we look at art.


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