Video Picks: The Crafternoon Tea Club

Recent Interaction Design graduate Jodie toured with artist collective The Crafternoon Tea Club during their time at Bestival.

She’s put together a selection of images that showcase what life is like on the road with creatives.


Credit: The Crafternoon Tea Club.

The Crafternoon Tea Club is an art collective lead by artists Beccy McCray and Hannah Elbourne. The collective involves bringing people together and making a difference through social design and creativity. Over the years, the Crafternoon Tea club have collaborated with many leading organisations such as; The Barbican, The Olympic Park Legacy Company, The National Theatre, Brighton Pride Parade, and Bestival. These events involve bring the audience together and spreading a message of love and positivity, this is especially evident in their ‘Show the Love Glitter Karaoke Rave’ performed at both The Barbican and Bestival.

Their main aim is to, “make a positive difference by bringing people together through creativity and relational art; sharing materials and ideas, using collective powers for the greater good, communicating a beneficial vision of a sustainable and socially just future…but most importantly, having a good time while we do it!”


Want more information on the Crafternoon Tea Club? Check out their website

Also find out more about the course Jodie studied:

BA (Hons) Interaction Design Arts

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