Video Picks: Hannes Wingate- artist, designer and survival expert

So, what happens when you combine art, design and survival techniques to make work?

Meet Hannes Wingate, a Swedish creative practitioner and sometimes survival guide. Over the last 20 years he’s been creating a body of artwork inspired by how birds create nests. ‘Why do these animals make nests, how do they do it and what happens if we build that way?’ A great area to research and use for inspiration.

As well as making public art pieces, he’s also worked as an interior designer developing and realising designs for houses internationally. So, there’s definitely a running theme in his work centred around home, shelter and family/ community.

Credit: Video produced by crush+lab featuring ‘The Burnside Nest’. Written, directed and produced by David Solomini. Cinematography by Stoeps Langensteiner. Audio by Oscar Martin Grau. Camera Assistant Mikel Cook. Production Manager Nathan Scherrer.

In the video, we meet Hannes and the nest that he built in Portland, USA. He decides on a location for the piece and then collects any sticks and branches that are effective and structurally sound enough for construction. The sculpture is mainly built of foraged materials, in the same way that a bird would collect twigs for a nest from the surrounding area. Using minimal hand tools, a knife and an axe, no fasteners like screws or nails are needed. The space inside the work is very inviting and ‘contemplative’, drawing people in and ‘reminding us of nature’.

Hannes talks about creating experiences that he feels don’t exist yet but should exist. We all have our own boundaries or boxes. He is trying to create moments in time that can breach that, cause cracks in our day to day lives in order to open up possibilities for different opportunities to experience. For him these stories and experiences are more powerful than the actual nests and other objects he creates.

Looking for more inspiration? 

Hannes’ innovative approach is design thinking = survival thinking. He covers this in his talk for Figure Plant as well as explaining more about his creative practice, and the set of questions we should all be asking ourselves as artists or designers.

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