Video Picks: Lakwena Maciver – A way with words

Lakwena Maciver is on a mission to fill the streets with positivity. Something we all need in the world right now.

A quick scroll on her Instagram will introduce you to a female artist with a wicked work ethic and bags of creativity to match. In the last 3 months she’s created large scale public artworks in New York, Sweden, Los Angeles and Arkansas and opened a solo show at London’s KK Outlet

So what’s the inspiration behind her work? Design Indaba video introduces you to this awesome female artist.


Credit: ‘Lakwena Maciver: A little bit of Africa on every street corner’, courtesy of Design Indaba.
In the video Lakwena talks about the power of pattern, adornment, colour- how it can convey different cultures. Combining this with her love of words and fascination with places makes for very powerful work. She’s always looking to respond to the places where she’s commissioned to make paintings- to capture the essence of that community or country with her artwork.


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‘The Power of Girl’ featured at the top of this article, was commissioned by Nike as part of a series of murals. They’re just one of many commissions and collaborations that have helped Lakwena to realise her dream of taking her art beyond the gallery. It’s really important for her that work exists outside, beyond spaces where we normally view art.

There’s no stopping Lakwena and her infectious optimism. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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Find out more about the course Lakwena studied:

BA (Hons) Illustration and Visual Media