Video Picks: Memorable brands

What does it take to create a successful brand that wins our hearts and stands the test of time?


Credit: 'Branding'. Video, courtesy of Inetdesign.
Digital agency Inetdesign based in Denmark, Bosnia & Herzegovina created this video to advertise their company. They have taken some of the most established company logos, cleverly using some of the most iconic and long-standing brands to talk about what makes brands grow and stand out.


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Deliberately excluding the names, Inetdesign have instead used the iconography, typography and colour palettes from these distinguishable brands to put their message across.

These brands are all easily recognisable- we’ve formed an association through our subconscious with these popular symbols. They’re successful because of how they’ve built their brand and established its heritage over time – the ‘back story’ if you like.

All of them started with a vision and defined whom their audience was. They then designed personas, characters or symbols to communicate their brand. They all have an established manifesto, which they use to demonstrate their company values – what they stand for and what makes them different. Combining all these ingredients effectively is what it takes to make a strong brand that we can ‘buy into’ now and in the future.

Today a company’s brand manifesto isn’t limited to words on a page. Like Inetdesign’s example here, many companies are creating films to communicate to their audiences as part of their advertising campaigns.


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