Video Picks: Richard Quinn- Going floral

Richard Quinn graduated in 2016 from an MA in Fashion. In the two years that have passed he certainly hasn’t been standing still.

His graduate collection was a tribute to artist Paul Harris, and the influence of Paul’s work has clearly been retained as inspiration for the collection launched at London Woman FW18-19 earlier this year. Richard’s forward-thinking womenswear designs and approach to textiles is a winning combination right now. Beyonce is the latest in a series of celebrities who have been seen in his designs, styled by a team of collaborators including our very own Ib Kamara, for the OTR11 tour book

Richard and his team design his floral patterns by sourcing vintage fabrics as inspiration. Samples are collected and reworked using new colour ways and pattern repeats to create prints for his collections. Designs are screen-printed then turned into digital artwork that can be placed onto specific parts of his designs as engineered print or all-over pattern.

Credit: 'Richard Quinn London Woman FW18-19'. Video and feature image © Watch the highlights from Richard’s catwalk collection above. The show garnered much media attention, not just because of Richard’s outstanding work but due to the surprise appearance of the Queen who awarded him with the ‘Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design’.

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In Epson’s video, find out how digital printing helps Richard both turn his ideas from concept to catwalk in just six weeks and allows for the creation of bespoke colourways for stockists.

Explore more of Richard’s work on his website

Not content with producing his own work, Richard recently launched Richard Quinn Studio, an open access print studio in Peckham. It’s a way for him to give something back to emerging textile and fashion designers who struggle to find these types of resources available once they graduate.

Richard’s approach to the world of fashion is refreshing. He’s clearly got business and social enterprise in mind, but one look at the fashion films he produces will show you that he’s still very much plugging into fine art for inspiration. Some of the short films promoting his collections are pretty sinister – with references to femininity and the secret life of women wrapped within the layers of vintage prints. Whether it’s in fabric or on film, we can’t wait to see what Richard and his team of collaborators produce next.
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