Video Picks: Samson Young’s Sound Art

In his studio Samson Young makes sound drawings, reads up about new ideas and theories and tinkers with technological equipment.

Not what you expect from someone trained as a classical musician. But this musician is now a sound artist and composer. In 2010 he conducted an orchestra of iphones


Video: Samson Young 'The Anatomy of the Musician' performance @ Le Cube France, 2014, courtesy of Le Cube. More recently he has been strapping sensors to his fellow musicians to make work. In In this artwork Samson Young performs sounds that mimic the movements of the musician. The sensors record how they move when they play their instruments. He shows the process of recording this information and creating new sounds as part of his performance.

Take a look at Le Cube’s website


‘Nocturne’ is another piece by Young which consisted of found and edited footage of night bombings, mainly U.S attacks on the Middle East which he plays on mute on his laptop. As he watches, Samson uses household objects to reproduce and perform the sound of the explosions, gunshots and debris as accurately as he can. By the end of the show the artist will know the composition by heart. These sound effects are broadcast via pirate radio frequencies in and outside of the gallery. Even without the chilling context of the noises they make captivating listening.


Interested in Sound Arts?

BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design

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