Video Picks: Trash Isles

A new country made out of plastic? We spotlight the PR marketing campaign that made governments and the general public sit up and listen to the dangers of single-use plastic.

The ‘Trash Isles’ campaign landed in 2017 and has been making waves ever since. Created by UK advertising agency AMV BBDO for and in conjunction with social publisher LADBible and the Plastic Oceans Foundation, the campaign focused in on a huge mass of plastic trash the size of France floating in the North Pacific Ocean. Watch the video to find out how the creative team used ‘World Oceans Day’ to kick-start the campaign and build momentum through social media and celebrity endorsements.

Featured image credit: Trash Isles currency created by AMV BBDO for and in conjunction with LADBible and The Plastic Oceans Foundation.

Credit: ‘Trash Isles’ campaign- created by AMV BBDO for and in conjunction with LADBible and the Plastic Oceans Foundation.

A wide range of skills were required for this project including creative directors, art directors and producers who helped to drive the overall vision and ensure they could bring all the elements together to make it a success. Copywriters worked on the text and scripted elements of the ‘adverts’, videos, posts and other content. Designers at AMV BBDO cleverly fabricated objects of national identity – a flag, passports, currency and stamps – to give weight to the campaign. These were sent out to press contacts to build intrigue around the message behind the ‘Trash Isles’ campaign.

By drawing on LADbible’s global network of followers and millions of social media impressions, the campaign reached over 20 million people in the first six days. Head over to the petition and you’ll see that over the lifetime of the project 240,000 people signed up to become a citizen.

AMV BBDO states that: “In part due to the campaign’s success plastic in the oceans has become a big discussion point around the world and 193 countries have pledged to tackle global crisis of plastic in the oceans at the most recent UN conference.”

The collaboration between all of these creatives really paid off. The project won a series of accolades in recent PR and design industry awards including the Design Grand Prix and PR Grande Prix at the 2018 Cannes Lions

Founded in 2012, LADbible has definitely evolved, making a conscious decision in 2016 to fill its news feed with real stories and life changing content. Their work as a social publisher is groundbreaking. It shows that they are 100% in tune with their audience’s needs and preoccupations and is why charities and agencies are standing in line to work with them.

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